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Thank you for your interest in organizing and running a Crowdfunding project hosted by the UM Foundation.

We encourage you to provide as much information as possible when submitting the form on this page. The details you provide will help UM Foundation staff assess whether your project is a good candidate for crowdfunding. 

Please read this informational section thoroughly prior to beginning the application process.   

2024 Application Timeline 

Application Open:
Approval Announced:
Campaign Deploys:

August 26 - September 6September 16
October 14 - November 15

We evaluate each applicant to ensure they possess the appropriate resources needed to run a successful campaign. Crowdfunding relies on networking, and it's best to bring your own "crowd." If your project is selected and launched on the UM Foundation Crowdfunding platform you should be prepared to social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, X, and LinkedIn use to promote your campaign and the impact your project will make. Other methods of engagement may include email, texting, and phone calls. If you or your team do not have a pre-existing audience, then other engagement strategies may be more appropriate. Please contact the UM Foundation Annual Giving office at for more information. 

A Note About Fundraising Goals 

Typical UMF crowdfunding projects can raise up to $5,000. Setting realistic goals helps keep donors motivated and gives them an obtainable target. Your goal should keep in mind the following:

  • the financial needs of your project,
  • the size of your potential donor pool,
  • the network of your crowdfunding team and project, 
  • the amount of personal effort devoted to the project from your project team.

It is best to set modest, attainable, and realistic goals--and surpass them. Your donors will be inspired to support a project if it shows success and momentum. 

Collect Your Team 

Before preparing and submitting your application, you will need written permission from your unit, department or program leadership to proceed. If your project is chosen for this round of crowdfunding, proof of permission will be required prior to setup of your webpage. 

In addition to a designated project team leader, project teams may elect additional people in leadership or ambassador roles. Project Ambassadors are volunteers committed to fundraising on behalf of the project. You may ask your ambassadors to post on social media, send emails to their contact list, or even make phone calls or send texts during the campaign. These communications may include pre-launch announcements, campaign updates, and donor stewardship. Ambassadors can also support the project leader with other aspects of the campaign. They could appear in a campaign video or send thank you notes. The larger the project goal, the larger the project team should be. 

Please complete and submit the application form on this page and a UM Foundation staff member will be in touch based on the timeline above. All applicants should be prepared to attend or view a recording of an informational session with the UM Foundation's Annual Giving office to review the process and to receive vital information for a successful project. 

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UMF Crowdfunding users must be affiliated with the University of Montana.

Please list the organization, interest group, team, or department you represent.

If no, please obtain that approval prior to completing this application.

Ex.: Social media followers, donors, volunteers, potential ambassadors, and other networks.

You may need to verify this with your advisor or department finance office.

Examples: Facebook, X, LinkedIn, other



Ambassadors will only be contacted after your project has been approved.


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