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Thank you for your interest in organizing and running a UM Foundation Crowdfunding project. 

We encourage you to provide as much information as possible when submitting the form on this page. The details you provide will help UM Foundation staff assess whether your project is a good candidate for crowdfunding. 

While there is no cost associated with hosting a UM Foundation Crowdfunding initiative, we evaluate each applicant to ensure they possess the strong commitment needed to run a successful campaign. Crowdfunding relies on personal networking, so it's best to bring your own "crowd." If your project is selected and launched on the UM Foundation Crowdfunding platform you should be prepared to use your personal, group, department or team email lists as well as social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote your campaign and the impact your project will make on campus.

Please complete and submit the application form below and a UM Foundation staff member will be in touch once the Office of Annual Giving has assessed your submission. All applicants should be prepared to participate in an application review process where they will meet with the Director of Annual Giving to review specific information about their project and be asked to describe their marketing plans.

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Total Dollars or Total Donors. Dollar amount goals typically range between $500 - $5000.

Start date should be at least 6 weeks from date of application.

Typical campaigns last 20-40 days


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